General Information

Season dates for 2024 bear hunt are Sunday September 1st to Sunday October 13th. We guide the first two weeks of the season, September 1st till September 10th. The best hunting is the first two weeks of season prior to the small game and archery seasons. We hunt easy access and remote, whichever you prefer. We hunt public and private land. We use the Sawbill Trail, Gunflint Trail, and Arrowhead Trail as access into the Superior National Forest and Sawtooth Mountains. We are allowed 3 bait stations per hunter by law and 3 more for the guides license. We run a large circuit with many bait sites. We only use TOP quality baits and lures. We don't rely on grocery stores or convenient stores for bait. We buy bulk from major wholesalers and is delivered to us by semi-load. 

All bait sites are checked and baited daily and guaranteed active upon arrival. Bait stations will also have been monitored by trail cameras. As stated before we are allowed 3 bait stations by law. Stand locations are anywhere from 10 to 20 yards from bait sites. We use portable stands, ladder stands, (1 and 2 man), pop-up and natural ground blinds. We supply all stands and blinds. ALL hunters MUST supply OWN safety harness. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We accommodate Archery, Crossbow, Longbow, Rifle, Muzzeloader, Shotgun, and Handgun hunters.  All guns and archery equipment must be sighted in prior to hunt. We have a stand and 3d targets for archery hunters to practice and will take you to nearby locations to sight in firearms.

Minnesota Legal Archery Equipment-  Bows must have a pull weight of no less than 30 pounds at or before full draw. Fixed broadheads: minimum 2 cutting edges, barbless design, and be atleast 7/8 inch in diameter.  Mechanical broadheads:  Must meet above standards.

Minnesota Legal Big Game Firearms: Must be atleast .220 caliber, center fire ignition. Muzzleloader smooth bore atleast .45 caliber, rifled atleast .40 caliber.
We can also line up Lake Superior Trout and Salmon fishing during your hunt. Some of the best fishing of the year takes place at this time. Fish in the morning and bear hunt in evening. We work with Capt. Gary Radloff of Grand Marais Charters.