Permit Zone 31

Fall River Outfitters IS LOCATED IN PERMIT ZONE 31.  This is a limited quota zone and provides us with good bear numbers and limited hunting pressure. Permit applications come out in April and end the first Friday in May. The drawing is held in May, winners are notified a couple weeks later by mail, or you may enter your MN DNR number online   for faster notification. Priority lists are maintained through previous years by the MN DNR. (It is important to apply every year!) Preference is given to applicants who have previously applied but where not selected. We recommend that if you plan on wanting to hunt with family or friends, you apply as a GROUP. That way everyone will draw a license together. You can also just apply for just a preference point by choosing permit zone 99. The more points you have the better chance for drawing a license. It is generally taking 4-5 points to draw a tag.

APPLICATION INFO:  Applications can be taken at any Minnesota ELS License Agent, by applying online at( or you may call toll free at 1-888-665-4236. The application fee is $4.00. Remember to specify Zone 31. 

  Deadline for license winners is AUGUST 1st.  Surplus licenses go on sale at NOON AUGUST 4th. These licenses are available to everyone, whether you applied or not.

   Minnesota resident bear license $45.00           Non. resident bear license $231.00
                            Ages 13-17 regardless of residency $6.00        Ages 10-12 regardless of residency $1.00